Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't crowd the mushrooms


Today we made Boeuf Bourguignon, served over buttered noodles, with a side of buttered peas, and a roll (buttered. Because you can never have too much butter.) Dessert was, to my Dad's surprise and enjoyment, creme brulee. It wasn't quite like Carrabba's, but it was the very first time we've ever attempted it.

Briefly: making Boeuf Bourguignon is a six hour process. Truly. Creme Brulee was the easy part, definitely. Although none of it is actually difficult. It just takes a long time (40 minutes just to braise the pearl onions, and another 30 to brown the mushrooms which, by the way, I did not crowd, and which turned out perfectly browned.) But it was absolutely worth it. It was delicious and worth the three months I've waited to make/eat it.

That said, I'm signing off. I took plenty of pictures, and I have lots to say about our experience (such as: we need a kitchen torch, and a real casserole dish), but I am bone-tired. Standing on your feet in the kitchen for 6 hours (because you really are doing something every minute, unless you're insanely fast, or you crowd the mushrooms, and brown them all at once) is an exhausting task. So, I'm going to shower- in my own house, miracle of miracles, because Daddy fixed the septic system- and go to bed. I'm not passing 'GO', or collecting any money. I'm just going to bed, as soon as I get up the energy to 1) turn off ol' George singing about his ex's in Texas (not my song choice- I'm just too tired to actually turn it off right now.) and 2) get off my duff to go shower.

Tomorrow's another day, after all, and will have plenty of time for me to do the simple yet time-consuming task of uploading photos.

So goodnight, dear void. I'll see you tomorrow.

Bon appetit.

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