Thursday, January 20, 2011


Do you know how much lobsters cost? (let's not go there)

Do you know how much artichokes cost? (three dollars a piece!)

Do you know how much basically anything to do with French cuisine costs? (entirely too much)

As my Mom just remarked to me, "If we were wealthy, Caitlin, we'd already be deep into this cookbook."
But as you've probably guessed, we're not wealthy, and are, generally speaking, content to be as we are. Lack of funds, does, however, make it ruddy hard to start up cooking in this expensive matter.

But all is well. Because while we may not have a lobster, artichokes, or even the cookbook (trying again at the local resale bookshop didn't work. So, Barnes and Noble it must be. Full price packs a wallop for this cheapskate.), we do have chocolate chips, flour, vanilla, sugar, and baking soda. What's that, you say? Sounds like a recipe for chocolate cookies? Of course it is. And why would I, the living antithesis to the barefoot contessa, know how to make chocolate chip cookies? Simply because I've been making them nearly non-stop for the past week and a half.

Snowy weather brings on hunger pains like no ones business. But only for snow-ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and Mexican hot cocoa.

So, this girl got out her apron (which is entirely bereft of stains- a crying shame that will hopefully be righted in the near future) and set about making cookies. The first batch didn't take as long as previously anticipated. Could it be that confidence was creeping into my bones? I, who always double counted and re-measured?

But it was so! And every batch I've made has taken less than the time before. Practice makes perfect (except, when you think that what you need to make the texture you want is half crisco/half butter, because you misunderstood what your Mother said, and in reality, half crisco/half butter does *not* make chewy cookies- it makes nice, neat looking, crunchy cookies. Not my favorite kind.) But all the kinks worked out, and all the cookies turned out nicely, with only one burned pan (customary in this household) out of 4 batches.

Confidence in the kitchen.
It's coming.

And in the meantime, I sit here listening to the pressure cooker (not recommended by Julia Child, but a necessity in this household), bundled under a blanket, reading inspiring quotes by Christina Rossetti, waiting for my own copy of the anticipated cookbook, and vaguely entertaining the thought of getting up from my warm nest and dancing to this.

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  1. Slowly but surely! Can you imagine if you were to do the entire cookbook in one year? Madness, I tell you! You'd spend thousands on just the ingredients! :D

    But I am excited to see how you do it. It's going to be great, even if you only get a recipe made once every couple of months. :)